Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Cool Stuff
Some Cool Nightmare Before Christmas Art:
A cool Jack Skellington Picture. So cool for Halloween.
A Cool & Creepy Realistic Picture of Jack Skellington holding Sally.
Happy Halloween Valentine's Day! With Sally & Jack Skellington.
A Cool Picture of someone's Jack Skellington Tattoo. It has Zero at the bottom, and some creepy little jack-o-lanterns behind Jack.
A neat Black & White Sketch Drawing of Jack Skellington rocking out on his cool guitar. There's also a cool pumpkin with Jack's name carved into it.
A another awesome tattoo of Jack Skellington. He is jamming on a purple guitar. And the moon and some bats are behind him.
A pretty picture of Jack & Sally sitting beneath some mistletoe, which Jack is holding above them. I guess they are about to kiss. Jack's Ghost Pup, Zero is also depicted in the picture.
Some Animated Art Pictures of The Nightmare Before Christmas' Jack Skellington - All say, "Happy Halloween" on them:
Some Cool & Rare Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments & Musical Sculpture That I Own:
Here's the beautiful wooden box the 2 rare collectible ornaments come in. It has the words Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas on the top of it. And on the front side, it says Polonaise Collection - Kurt S. Adler, INC. Handcrafted in Poland. It has a little metal latch, but does not lock or anything. The box has beautiful and colorful Nightmare Before Christmas art all over it. On the lid of the box is a picture of Sally & Jack Skellington dressed up as, "Sandy Claws".
Here are the 2 beautiful ornaments. The first one is of Sally. It has a wreath around her, with little jack-o-lanterns. And a red ribbon with a skull and crossbones at the top of it. The second ornament is of Jack Skellington. He is surrounded by a wreath as well, except his wreath has teeth and eyes, and it looks like he is in the mouth of the wreath. At the top of his ornament is also a red ribbon with a skull and crossbones at the top.  
​These ornaments are very shiny and glittery. They are very beautifully painted. On the backs of the ornaments it says: Haunted Mansion Holiday Disneyland 2002.​ The tag on the Sally ornament says: Kurt S. Adler, Inc. Polonaise Collection. Hand-Crafted by Komozja. The tag also goes on to say: That the ornaments are made in the age-old European tradition of hand blown glass. It says each piece is carefully hand-blown in fine sculpted detail, silvered, lacquered and then hand painted in the most exquisite colors. The final results are beautiful works of art. It also says they expect these ornaments to become a treasured heirloom, that will be handed down from generation to generation. And will enchant your Christmas.

I may sell ​this rare and valuable set of ornaments one of these days, if I can get a good price for them.
My other rare and valuable Nightmare Before Christmas collectible is: Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas 15th Anniversary Edition Tabletop Sculpture. It plays the song: This is Halloween. It is no longer available for sale on the internet. So is now an expensive and rare collectible. It was expensive when it was available, it costed $250. I haven't ever even checked it out, it's still packed in it's foam container. It's a kind of big sculpture ornament. I may sell it one of these days if I can get a good price for it.
I have a collection of Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments for sale right now on eBay. One is a large European blown glass ornament similar to the ones above. It has Jack & Sally on it, and it is shiny and glittery also. It is rare and a collectible. It still has its original tag on it, but no packaging or anything.
The other ornament is from the Disney Store(Disney Exclusive). It is Limited Edition and comes with a certificate of authenticity, which is still in the unopened box. This ornament is new, and never been opened or used. It is number 2398 out of 3257. ​It looks to be made of plastic. It's like a plastic globe that possibly opens, and has a Jack Skellington figurine inside of it. He is dressed up like "Sandy Claws", and has a stocking with a creepy toy hanging out of it. On the outside of the plastic globe is glittery Jack Skellington faces on it.
Also included in this rare and collectible Nightmare Before Christmas auction lot, is a rare and sort of limited edition of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. ​It is a Best Buy Tin Case Blu-Ray of the animated film by Disney & Tim Burton. It is still new and sealed in plastic.

You can bid on this auction at this webpage: ​​http://www.ebay.com/itm/290790351408?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
Or search for my eBay username: melissadawn666.​

​​See pictures of these items below. Also check out my other auction items for sale.